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Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor


It is my privilege and pleasure to present this progressive RUSA Report of our University. RUSA funding of Rs. 20.0 crores  by Ministry of Human Resource Development, under the component- Infrastructural facilities has come as a boon to our University as a means for establishing attractive and modern infrastructure i.e. classrooms, research laboratories, training equipment, play grounds, aids etc. RUSA funding, being norm based funding, is a turning point for our University which facilitates to achieve higher enrolment rates and address access, equity and quality related concerns. Students and faculty of our University have been immensely benefitted with the funding received under RUSA, summary of which is as below.


  • 24x 7 Wifi internet access to faculty and students.
  • Lap-tops to the entire faculty with pre-loaded softwares to facilitate them in teaching-learning and research process.
  • State-of-art facility established in Department of Mass Communication and Journalism benefitting the students in terms of establishing themselves as report-writers, news-readers, etc. through department initiated daily news paper and AKKA TV media.
  • Latest laboratory equipments in all the science laboratories are purchased as per the new CBCS syllabi. Students are now able to get the benefit with the exposure of new experiments during their practical sessions. Further, it has facilitated research opportunities for both our teachers and students.
  • All-in-one KYAN projectors with built-in interactive boards to facilitate latest requirements of the students and teachers as per the curricula and syllabi of CBCS.
  • Adequate library facilities in terms of reading room facility, numbers of reference books, Classic books, e-resource browsing center, etc.
  • Enhancement of music and sports facility has encouraged the students to actively participate in music events, sports and games.
  • The language laboratory facilities have helped the students in developing curiosity and interest in learning language content
  • I immensely express my gratitude to authorities of the Department of Higher Education, GoK, Karnataka State Higher Education Council and RUSA, MHRD for extending financial assistance to our University under RUSA scheme and helping in execution of the RUSA scheme by timely suggestions and guidance.


Foreword by the Registrar

RUSA has introduced a significant strategic shift in the approach towards developing the higher education system, by focusing on state level institutions.  RUSA funding is a turning point for strengthening infrastructural facilities in our University. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has sanctioned Rs. 20 crores RUSA Grants under component 3: Infrastructural facilities of RUSA.  

The creation of new facilities has been done keeping in mind the growing need for introducing new curriculum under CBCS and our faculty and students have been immensely benefited with the facilities being created.  Under the Head ‘New Construction’ Electronics building has been constructed which has been shared by related Physics, Mathematics and Statistics department bringing in the related courses under one roof.   The construction of Library building has immensely benefited student’s community in terms of adequate reading facility. The RUSA grant also facilitated procurement of new equipments for laboratories of various PG Science departments. Equipments like computers, networking devices and licensed softwares were also purchased for further development of the IT infrastructure of the University. To provide the necessary impetus to the teaching learning process, several books, journals and e-resources were added to the library. The facility being established and its utilization by the stake holders have been appreciated by the Physical Verification committee of Karnataka State Higher Education Council during its visit on 22nd December, 2018.

The overall impact of the RUSA funding may be seen in the improved academic performance of our students and the successful utilization of resources by our teachers in disseminating the knowledge to students. The University is grateful for the financial assistance offered by RUSA and commends its vision of improving the overall quality of education by introducing transformative reforms in the higher education system.


Details of the Fund Released
Total Amount Sanctioned
for XII Plan
Central Share Released
State Share Released
Total fund released
Component 3 Infrastructure
facilities universities


Financial Progress (Year Wise)
Amount Released to
Institution (Rs Lakhs)
FY 2015-16 FY 2016-17 FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19
  Released Central/State Utilized Released Central/State Utilized Released Central/State Utilized Released Central/State Utilized
1500 990.00     947.55 495.00 285.18 15.00 272.67
Total amount utilized  Rs 1,500 Lakhs


Snapshots of RUSA Scheme implementation by Beneficiary  Departments:


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