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Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’ s University has a wide range of IT facilities and services for the benefits of students and teachers. The IT facilities such as computer labs, Internet through Wi-Fi, virtual learning equipments and online databases are established in the campus and managed by ICT cell of the university. Smart boards are installed in at least one classroom of every department and teachers are actively using it. Over Head Projectors . are installed in seminar halls and auditoriums. Advanced all-in-one projectors are also distributed to many departments. These technologies are used for conducting webinar, online meetings, online conferences etc. Centralized biometric attendance system is also installed in the university for managing the attendance of the employees.

1 GBPS high speed internet connection in provided in the university campus and distributing to different buildings through optical fiber lines. All the  laboratories in the university have high speed internet connection for the benefits of the students. Wi-Fi facilities is also created in the university through Outdoor and indoor access points. As many as 80 indoor wifi access point devices are installed in the campus to provide high speed internet facilities to the students. Students residing in university hostels are also able to use this internet service at their hostels.



  • Maintain and improve the network infrastructure of the institution to ensure consistent and reliable internet access.
  • Ensure that all the computers and other IT devices used in the university are regularly updated
  • Strengthen network security protocols by implementing measures such as firewalls, antivirus software and other tools.
  • Enhance the institution's website's usability and functionality to make it a more useful communication and informational tool for staff, students, and other stakeholders.


IT Sections maintains
Information security
Network security
Risk management out sourcing
Local Area Network

Equipments / Systems maintenance
LAN Accessories

Internet Connection
1 GBPS internet connection is available under National Knowledge Network (NKN) through the NIC NET Via BSNL leased circuit.

Website Development & Maintenance

IT Section maintains the www.kswu.ac.in official website updations like Notifications, Departments, Exam related notifications, ICT Initiatives etc.

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ICT Coordinator
Email: it@kswu.ac.in