Date Subject Download
02/03/2024 15th Annual Convocation Gold Medalists-2023 
01/03/2024  Convocation invitation
29/02/2024 Office Order: Dress code for Convocation
29/02/2024 15th Convocation Notification
22/01/2024  15th Convocation Notification
22/01/2024  15th Convocation Application Form
26/11/2022 13th & 14th Convocation Notification
10/10/2022 13th Convocation Notification
12/10/2022 13th Convocation Application Form
13/10/2021 12th Convocation Notification
13/10/2021 12th Convocation Application Form
13/10/2021 Circular regarding submission of Convocation Application
12/10/2021  12th Convocation Khadi Dress Code
12/10/2021 Standards to be followed when recommending qualified persons for honorary doctorate