Department of Studies in Physical Education & Sports Sciences


Course Offered : B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D and Certificate Course in Yoga Studies. 

Duration : B.P.Ed Two Year(Four Semesters), M.P.Ed Two years (Four Semesters) , M.Phil One Year Regular Ph.D Duration of Four Years Certificate Course in Yoga 6 Months

Intake : B.P.Ed-50, M.P.Ed-30, M.Phil,-12. 

NCTE Order Copy (B.PEd)

NCTE Order Copy (M.PEd)

Land Record & Master Plan

B.P.Ed 2 Year Regulations 

M.P.Ed Regulations

M.Phil Regulations

Dr.Rajkumar Malipatil
Designation Professor & Chairperson, Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences
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Faculty Details
Name Qualification Specialization Designation Profile
Prof.D.M.Jyoti M.P.E,Ph.D,NET   Professor
Dr.Rajkumar Malipatil M.A(Psy),M.PEd, MPhil, Phd,NET   Professor & Chairperson
Dr.Sakpal Hoovanna M.A ,MPEd,MPhil,PhD,NET   Associate Professor
Dr.Srinivas M.PEd,M.Phil,(PhD),SLET   Associate-Professor
Dr .Jyothi Upadhyaya  M.PEd, M.Phil,(PhD),NET   Associate-Professor
Dr.Hanumanthayya Pujar  M.A,MPEd,MPhil,PhD   Assistant Professor
Dr.Kiran.G.N M.P.Ed,Ph.D.NET,SLET   Assistant Professor
Ms.Ashwini.K.N M.P.Ed,NET,SLET   Assistant Professor


The Department of Studies in Physical Education & Sport Science in Akkamahadevi  Women’s University aspires to be one of the reliable scientific Departments in the world by going beyond its scientific and administrational level and to be pioneer in the scientific research area of benefit of the India.


Preparing the significant qualified and specialized personnel in the Physical Education and Sports sciences area is one of the aspiring missions of the Department to participate in supporting the scholastic sport and health of society and preparing researchers in the sport sciences area to go higher with Indian sport movement on all levels.

Dr.Rajkumar Malipatil
Professor & Chairperson, Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences
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