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Affiliation Notification 2024-25


For more information and queries with respect to affiliation 2024-25 please contact:

1. Sri. Salauddin 7892792609 
2. Sri. Somashekhar Mirji 9845884838

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Affiliation Date Extended Circular 2024-25
Affiliation Notification 2024-25

LIC Team visit to affiliated colleges for affiliation 2023-24

Following to be noted by the affiliated colleges during the LIC visit:

  1. One hard copy of the affiliation application (submitted online) to be submitted to LIC team on their arrival to college.
  2. Ensure that Computer, Printer and internet connection available for data entry and printing LIC reports.
  3. In case of aided/un-aided colleges, representative from Governing Council should be present during the LIC visit.
  4. Colleges offering BEd programme should submit a copy of NCTE recognition letter for the year 2023-24 to LIC team.
  5. Dues to be cleared, if any.
  6. The scheduled time of visit may vary depending on the inspection time taken by LIC team in previous visits. Please contact the Chairman, LIC, for knowing the time-of-visit to the college.
  7. The details of the documents to be presented to LIC team are already published on University website.
Revised LIC Visit Committee 2023-24
LIC Route 1 Details
LIC Route 2 Details
LIC Route 3 Details
LIC Route 4 Details
LIC Route 5 Details
LIC Route 6 Details
LIC Route 7 Details
LIC Route 8 Details
LIC Route 9 Details
LIC Route 10 Details
LIC Route 11 Details
LIC Route 12 Details
LIC Visit Committee 2023-24
Dear, Principal's By the direction of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor & Registrar, The LIC visit to colleges is scheduled on 9th, 10th, and 11th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), The details will be published on website on 07-06-2023. I request all the principal;s to keep ready the dcouments to be presented to lic. For more details visit ,  Director CDC, KSAWUV  
Affiliation 2023-24 Date Extended Circular 02-06-2023
Affiliation Not Submitted Colleges List
Dear Principals, Please fill out the google form through the link the details of affiliation type applied and fees paid on or before 30-05-2023. 

The LIC visit will be scheduled soon to your colleges. Please keep ready the documents to be presented to LIC during their visit to your colleges. The details of the LIC visit (date and time along with team members ) will be uploaded on the University website.

Circular for Additional Intake for the academic year 2023-24
Affiliation 2023-24 Fees Details
Affiliation 2023-24 Date Extended Circular 24-05-2023
Documents to be shown to LIC during their visit to colleges
Score requirements for existing colleges and New Colleges
Affiliation 2023-24 Date Extended Circular 20-05-2023
Please note that for approval of intake in UUCMS Affiliation Software, uploading of 2022-23 affiliation copy is mandatory. Colleges with fees/security deposits pending are hereby inform to pay the balance fees immediately.  
Revised Onlne affiliation date extended circular 2023-24 
Onlne affiliation date extended circular 2023-24
UUCMS HRMS Module Documentation
Affiliation Notification 2023-24
Affiliation 2023-24 Screenshots
List of Scanned Documents to be Uploaded under Online Application PART7: 7.1
Affiliation bond paper (Rs.50/-)
Sample bond paper party details
UGC format in bond for new colleges
UGC format in bond for existing colleges
Government Circular - Land requirements
Guidelines for Inclusion of affiliated colleges under section 2(F) and 12(B)
Application and proforma for applying for recognition of colleges under section 2f, 12b of the ugc act-1956