Directorate of Student Welfare (DSW)



  • To encourage students’ individual, academic and integrated development by providing leadership and counselling services and prepare them for adverse, enterprising and global society.



  • To provide a comprehensive, harmony, competent and responsive system to facilitate a good learning environment to the students.
  • To arrange various leadership, social, extracurricular and counselling programs for students to enable them to become productive citizens of the society.



  • D.S.W   conducts Induction Programme (Spandana) to introduce the fresher’s to University and its officials and facilities available.
  • Conduct Special lectures, workshops, Seminars and Health check-up camps.
  • Conduct Inter-collegiate Elocution Competition for P.G. and U.G. Students (of all affiliated colleges) and selected winners will be sent to the state level competition.
  • Receives complaints from students with regard to any issues related to academic matters.
  • Scholarship facility from donors.
  • D.S.W and Directorate of Sports Jointly Organizes Cultural and Sports day every Year.
  • D.S.W conducts Inter Collegiate Youth Festival every year.
  • Conducting Meeting for PG Students & Research Scholars monthly.
  • Conducting workshops, Seminars, orientation and Special Lecture Series @ National and International.


    Scholarships for the the Students by Various Donors :

  1. Late.Smt. Savitri. Panchagatti Scholarship for Students whose Parents are Primary School Teacher and scored Highest Percentage.
  2. Late.Smt. Indumati Patil Scholarship for P.G. History Student scored Highest Percentage.
  3. Smt. Sunanda R Perur Scholarship for Rural & Poor Family Students and scored Highest Percentage.
  4. Smt.Yamunabai ,Sankad Scholarship for Students whose Parents are Death and scored Highest Percentage.
  5. Late.Smt. Shobha, Ramesh, Jigajinagi Scholarship for SC/ST Student, Studying in Journalism, and scored Highest Percentage in Degree.
  6. Prof.A.K.Baradola, Scholarship for Students who has scored Highest Percentage in MLIC Subject.
  7. Smt.Yashodaramma, Dasappa, Dattipeetha Scholarship for Women’s Studies Students scored Highest Percentage.
  8. Smt.Yashodaramma, Dasappa, Dattipeetha Research Scholarship for Women’s Studies Research Scholar Students scored Highest Percentage.
  9. Kum. Amruta, R, Chandavarkar Research Contingency for Ph.D 2 year completed Research Scholar Students and scored Highest Percentage 4 Students.
  10.  Shri. M S Ramayya Memorial Scholarship for 04 students those are belongs from Poor family P.G Students.
  11.  Late. Smt. Vimalabai V Deshpande Scholarship for P.G Economic Students scored Highest Percentage.
  12.  Smt. H.V.Lakshmidevamma Scholarship for Poor Family P.G. Students.
  13.  Late Smt.Vidya R Sondur Scholarship for P.G. Students scored Highest Percentage Botany Subject.
  14.  Late. Smt. Savitri Panchagatti Scholarship for Students whose Parents are Primary School Teacher and Students in UG and scored Highest Percentage in (BA, B.Com, B.Sc & BFA).


  Staff of the Directorate of Students Welfare:

  1. Director: Prof.Shantadevi.T

          Mob: 9448227878





      2. Assistant Director: Dr. Ashwini K.N 

         Mob: 7022661126





   Office Staff: 02:

       Attender: Mr. Vijay K. Salimath

      Class-IV: Mr. K.G. Katagagighan.