Library Rules


1.     Students, Research scholars, Teachers, non-teaching staff of Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’s University, Dharwad and other registered members (Alumni, Women) and visitors with prior permission are allowed to          use the library.

2.     Users should always carry Identity cards to the library.

3.     Personal belongings should be kept at the property counter. However, they are advised not to leave cash, jewellery and other costly materials in the bags. The library and the University is not responsible for any kind of              loss.

4.     Personal books are not allowed in the library

5.     Do not disturb the order of the books on the shelves.

6.     Leave books on the Reading Tables after use.

7.     Do not sprinkle ink on the floor of the library.

8.     Chewing and Spitting of Tobacco product, Pan masala and smoking is prohibited.  

9.     Eatables are not allowed in the library.

10. Mobile Phones, Calculators, laptops are allowed but should be used only academic purposes only

11. Reference books and Periodicals are not issued outside the library premises.

12. Maintain Silence in the Library especially in the Reading Hall. Talking in loud voice, or whispering including attending mobile calls is strictly prohibited.

13. Mute your mobile when you are inside the library

14. Readers’ should not write in, mark or otherwise disfigure/damage books, furniture, etc.

15. Misplacing of books is strictly prohibited. If found are liable to be punished

16. If members are found violating any of these shall be liable for punishments. The decision of the University authorities is final and abiding.