A Hostel is a home away from home. Aware of the special needs and requirements of students, who come from far- flung places to this University of learning. The University tries to provide them a safe, secure and      affordable accommodation.

          There are 4 University Hostels on the campus, name PG.1. Indranidevi Jagjeevan Ram Hostel, Onake Obavva Hostel and Ramabai Ambedkar Hostel.


Common Facilities Available in all the Hostels:

  1. R.O Water Purifier for drinking water.
  2. Geyser for Hot water.
  3. Generator.
  4. Pad burning and vending machines in bathroom.
  5. CCTV Cameras Facilities in and around Hostels.
  6. Reading Room Facilities and Television for Entertainment.
  7. 24x7 Security for safety purpose.
  8. The Hostel kitchen is renovated with modern machineries and equipments for fast and hygienic cooking.
  9. Mess tender is notified every year.
  10. Separate veg and non-veg mess is open.
  11. Sufficient number of Hostel Warden and staff are present.
  12.  Weekly student counselling is conducted.
  13. Yoga and Karate Classes are conducted.
  14. Health Camp for Hostel students collaboration with University Health Centre. 

Staff Details of the Hostels :

  1. Dr. G. Sowbhagay. Asst. Professor & Hostel Warden of Hostel No-1
  2. Dr. Rohini Bhusunoormath . Asst. Professor & Hostel Warden of  Hostel No-2
  3. Dr. Bharati Ganiger. Asst. Professor & Hostel Warden of Hostel No-3
  4. Kum. Jennifer Soulum. Asst. Professor & Hostel Warden of Hostel No-4
  5. Smt. Anjana - SDA
  6. Smt. Rohini Hiremath- SDA